Litigation Support is Tough.

But you’ve got Platinum.

Since 2001, we’ve been building workflows, tools and successful outcomes for Law Firms, Corporations and Agencies, Internationally. At our core, we’re an eDiscovery service provider, but the complete solution covers alot more ground than that.


eDiscovery done right. Unlimited scalability driven by industry veterans at your command.


Never compromise with slow, bulky review platforms. Platinum’s eDiscovery review is faster and better.


A team of incredible, experienced problem solvers build eDiscovery organization where once was chaos.

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Demonstratives, Trial Exhibits, Blowbacks, Bound formats and more. All in house.

eDiscovery done right.

At Platinum, we provide clear and practical guidance to litigators and consultants by acting as universal translators between legal pros, their clients, information technology experts and the courts. Our eDiscovery Management methodology helps simplify the relationship between document managers, legal professionals, clients and data. Easily dimensionalize complex data schemas, massive repositories and billions of records of correspondence, seamlessly, across any device and platform.

Review anywhere.

Platinum’s private cloud infrastructure is the secure decision for smart firms’ eDiscovery document review of any volume. Our hosting methodology is the most affordable, scalable, performant anywhere.

There’s a lot of review platforms these days. Surprisingly, many of the people we talk to are still paying $20+ per gb to host documents, every month. With Platinum, our clients do it better for a lot less, in many cases with an all inclusive, bundled service offering that includes ESI, hosting and users. All of our offerings are powered by FracLit, our specialist based approach to customer service, consultation, performance and quality.

Fractional LitSupport.

Imagine this… Your very own on-demand Litigation Support Management team and you’re the boss.

They’ve got the best tools and experience. Your team is highly skilled across every LitSupport discipline. They’ll collaborate and creatively solve any eDiscovery problem in your cases. That’s the concept  behind #FracLit. Supplemented by one of the most experienced paper services initiatives in the business, FracLit helps teams realize full file to trial support like never before.

LitSupport (paper-based) Services.

When potential evidence is in email, mobile devices and filing cabinets, the discovery management objective should be the unification of those distinct data types, until it’s time to make trial exhibits.

Analog’s purpose is the transformation of paper data to an integrated part of a more ‘structured’ data set. We utilize only Canon equipment for our digital imaging initiatives for the clearest and most accurate representation of your clients digital or paper collateral. .svg


Platinum has the experience, security and scalability to gracefully manage any document intensive litigation challenge with ease. Don’t take our word for it! Check out what our partners think.

During the project, we successfully culled nearly 8 terabytes of data by approximately 90%, saving the client about a million dollars in document processing fees. I found Platinum IDS to be a willing and capable partner dealing with our forensic consultants, paralegals and attorneys in multiple offices during the matter. Platinum’s team is among the most responsive and talented group of support professionals I’ve worked with.

Joshua BudwinPrincipal, McKool Smith

My experience with Platinum IDS started in when they opened their doors in 2001. I encountered many situations with impossible deadlines and Platinum has always pulled through.The customer service Platinum IDS provides is the best in the industry. They always keep me in the loop about my projects and talk me through any situations I am unsure of.

Amy BondParalegal, Fish and Richardson

We have continued to utilize our own vendors to manage documents, the only difference is that Platinum now carries out the import and export of our documents. The relationship has allowed us to refocus our team efforts on practicing law and maintaining the best interests of our clients, as opposed to managing a monolithic data library.

Barry BumgardnerPartner, Nelson Bumgardner

We successfully culled away over 85% of the collected data. Platinum hosted documents with Xera for final attorney review and production approval.In the end, we saved the client over 2 million dollars in ESI processing fees by utilizing a good processing and management plan, using solid technology to get results quickly and most of all, a flexible and creative solutions provider like Platinum IDS.

Bill Baker, CCEFounder, Baker Forensics