About Platinum.

Platinum IDS was founded in 2001 with the intention of simplifying the often complex world of Litigation information management. Since then, we’ve adopted a maverick culture of innovation and creativity that delivers insight to complex discovery and eDiscovery challenges through secure, thoughtful and responsive solutions to the Legal community at large.

What exactly can Platinum do for you?

eDiscovery and Hosted Review.

Anyone can buy an off-the-shelf eDiscovery processing suite, but that doesn’t make them Platinum. Highly automated workflows combined with exceptional, experienced human quality control allow Platinum to respond to high stakes, quick turnaround eDiscovery processing requests with ease. What’s more, all of Platinum’s eDiscovery processing and review services are bundled into a simple, low cost flat rate program, solving budgetary nightmares before they start. No more technical time line items or production fees. Your team is empowered to do what must be done without considering cost impact.

Reprographic and Trial Services.

From file to trial, rely on Platinum to produce world class trial exhibits and demonstratives through our highly secure, world-class Analog LitSupport division. With easy access to Texas district courts, Platinum’s high speed reprographic operation can meet any deadline with a level of quality unsurpassed by similarly branded service offerings.


Organic solutions delivered, on-demand. From custom software development to cloud migration initiatives, Platinum’s Litigation Support consultancy is at your command when you need it most. When radical improvement is required, look no further. Furthermore, most of Platinum’s consulting services are included with our all-inclusive eDiscovery programs.

But don't take our word for it.

We've looked to Platinum to augment our own internal document management workflows for years now. The team at Platinum has been highly responsive and technically adept when working with our outside counsel and various regulatory agencies. The team at Platinum is top notch and I sleep better at night with a world class team of eDiscovery, review and production experts in my pocket when I need them.

Patrick ButtsCEDS, IGP Director of Legal Operations and Information Governance Hilltop Securities Inc.

I have relied on Jesse Holmes and the team at Platinum litigation for over a decade to assist in all aspects of case preparation – from data collection and production to trail presentation. I find Platinum’s services to be competitively priced and the team is highly accessible when I reach out for assistance.

Ginger AppleberryAssociate General Counsel - Caris Life Sciences

Platinum has been my preferred eDiscovery and Litigation Support provider for several years now. The team at Platinum is second to none, highly responsive and fun to work with. As a boutique firm, we're always interested in finding ways to improve efficiency and Platinum has always responded with creative solutions to the challenges we present. I gladly endorse Michael Holmes and the entire team at Platinum IDS.

Mark AndersonLitigation Case Manager / Paralegal - Burns Charest

I've known Jesse, Michael, and the leadership team at Platinum IDS for decades. Platinum is always available and ready to respond to any document management challenge. I have found them extremely talented in handling our complex collections, review projects, and document productions. Platinum is a first-rate litigation support solution.

Jamil AlibhaiLitigation Section Chair at Munck Wilson

Platinum has been a vital part in assisting me throughout my Litigation Document Management career including several large complex cases. Together, we've helped secure successful outcomes to some of the nations largest matters, including one judgement at over $300 million dollars. I've relied on Platinum to help simplify the often complex mechanics of eDiscovery collection, processing, privilege and responsive identification through many timely productions. Over the years, Platinum has been a necessary part of my eDiscovery response strategy. I've used them in both law firm practice and corporate legal department practices.

Kristina CollinsLitigation Paralegal at Kubota Tractor Corporation

Throughout my experience with Platinum, we found them to be the among the most responsive and thoughtful eDiscovery consultancies we've ever worked with. On one occasion, Platinum processed over a terabyte of content in record time, allowing us to complete our review and produce in less than a week. Platinum encountered and repaired multiple damaged PST archives and delivered a complete review environment way under budget. Whenever we need a hand, Platinum was extraordinarily responsive. I look forward to working with them again and recommending their services to my colleagues.

Ryan StarbirdAssociate, Parsons McEntire McCleary PLLC

I've enjoyed a great relationship with the team at Platinum IDS for several years. Platinum's proven to be a substantial asset when we need specialty experience with some of our more creative challenges. From trial services to eDiscovery and review administration, Platinum's there for us when we need them and they fade away into the background when we don't.

Eric BoydDirector of Litigation Support and Docketing, Locke Lord LLP

During the project, we successfully culled nearly 8 terabytes of data by approximately 90%, saving the client about a million dollars in document processing fees. I found Platinum IDS to be a willing and capable partner dealing with our forensic consultants, paralegals and attorneys in multiple offices during the matter. Platinum’s team is among the most responsive and talented group of support professionals I’ve worked with.

Joshua BudwinPrincipal, McKool Smith

My experience with Platinum IDS started in when they opened their doors in 2001. I encountered many situations with impossible deadlines and Platinum has always pulled through.The customer service Platinum IDS provides is the best in the industry. They always keep me in the loop about my projects and talk me through any situations I am unsure of.

Amy BondParalegal / Case Manager, Winston Strawn

We have continued to utilize our own vendors to manage documents, the only difference is that Platinum now carries out the import and export of our documents. The relationship has allowed us to refocus our team efforts on practicing law and maintaining the best interests of our clients, as opposed to managing a monolithic data library.

Barry BumgardnerParner, Nelson Bumgardner, PC.
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