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We find the important content in mountains of unstructured data.

But that’s not all we do.

We support legal ediscovery, jury trial, machine learning or scientific applications along with regulatory, FOIA and data privacy initiatives.

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What is Platinum?

We’re a creative think tank of data management experts who help identify meaningful, protected or evidentiary data in datastores of any kind.

We help you get the data you need

  • Litigation, eDiscovery, Breach Remediation, M&A or Due Diligence, Research, Exposure Analysis, Business Intelligence and more. We help get to the important content, saving time and simplifying chaotic data flows, on demand.

  • AI, ML, NLP and DLP initiatives love Platinum. Our data extraction and identification innovations are scalable, affordable and unique across any vertical.


Be it in a consultative or full project management capacity, Platinum’s world class team of data scientists and subject matter experts help organizations carve through irrelevant content and act on the most crucial information swiftly and inexpensively.


Identify, report and act on the most critical content quickly, without becoming a data nerd.

Monitoring &

Ongoing support through the lifecycle of your initiative. Automated reporting on demand.

Data for Everyone

Expect simple, clear understanding of your complex data initiatives while we work cooperatively to solve them.

Scalable Solutions

How do you eat an Elephant? One byte at a time. Learn how we can deliver quick results regardless of the size of the project.

Competitive Rates

Automation combined with pre-built solutions that fit a wide variety of scenarios allow us to offer services at a low flat rate.

World Class Support

You’ll never march alone. We support our systems and our work product in conferences, meetings and even in trial.

You’re in good company.

Platinum solves complex, high value data initiative challenges for Legal, Corporate and Agencies of all sizes. We’ve been doing it since 2001 with some of the most notable organizations in the world.

100+ Billion

Records Indexed and Managed

Structured and Unstructured data is indexed, where text does not exist, we create it. Then we help teams identify the important bits.

1,500 Clients

From All Major Industries

Solving data challenges is what turns us on. From traditional search and return, to complex modeling and analysis.


All-Inclusive Professional Services

We do not subscribe to the nickel-and-dime game. Wherever possible, we intend to present the total cost of a project with simple, consistent monthly installments, offering full transparency into ROI, making the budgeting process possible.

  • Real budgeting is finally possible for your more complex data initiatives. Try getting that from the big four 🙂

  • We call our methodology ‘Cost Confidence’ and we do everything possible to integrate this principal into everything we do. Hourly billing is so 2020. We think we can do better.

True Accessibility

Solutions can be integrated directly into existing workflows, or offloaded to our secure review platforms for simple access anywhere, with any operating system.

  • We don’t deploy solutions that don’t meet modern web standards for accessibility, security or ease of use.

  • We support your environment, wherever that may be. Many of our clients are still working from home and we ensure systems are secure, redundant and well supported through the life of the engagement.

Get Started.

Engaging Platinum is easy. We’ve got nearly 20 years of experience onboarding new creative projects at any scale.

Solving businesses biggest data problems

Just in time solutions or around the clock monitoring and management of growing information stores. Platinum always fits.

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