Full Service Document Management Services for Legal Teams

Legal Document Management: An Overview of Platinum’s Services.  Platinum IDS is a full service litigation support consultancy backed by a world class professional services offering. In layman's terms, we work with legal teams across the nation as consultants and subject matter experts in the area of Legal Document Management. Documents manifest in many forms these days, from native work product like emails and spreadsheets, to scanned document images or paper based document representations.  When subpoenas launch in Litigation, the scope of documents required for legal teams to fulfill the request is often overbearing. Platinum’s job is to help secure these documents while making them available to legal teams through discovery.  We’ll take a moment and illuminate some of the high points of this work, although this is in no way an exhaustive list, it should help to understand

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Data Mapping – Why It’s Critical To Modern Business Litigation

Let’s talk about Data Mapping. More often than not I find that while a company can be extraordinarily successful and well run, it really isn’t ready for Litigation from a data management standpoint. I mean seriously, show me a traditional Information Technology training course that deals with legal hold and archival indexing. :) It just isn't part of the plan for most companies who aren't experienced in Litigation. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world as a trusted consultant. Over the last 20 years I helped put the pieces together to make production deadlines in high stakes Litigation through every circuit court system in the United States. We've worked with companies like GM, Intel, DELL, Samsung and Apple just to shamelessly name drop a few.. As any

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