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Wild B0YS

Wild boys never lose itWild boys never chose this wayWild boys never close your eyesWild boys always shine

Dark Data is worth 30%

Dark Data Matters. Statistically, it's worth 30% 70% accuracy is unacceptable. OCR Sucks. Here's why.  Dark Data refers to non-searchable data that cannot be easily processed by traditional keyword search, map reduce, artificial intelligence, or machine learning workflows. In order to make this data searchable, the industry [...]

Simplifying Complex Legal Cases with Data Analytics

How is data AI revolutionizing the legal industry? Many of us have fully adopted AI in our practice to some degree of success. How does the use of Artificial Intelligence improve decision-making and increase efficiency in the legal field? What benefits does the adoption of data [...]

How eDiscovery Disciplines Intersect with Information Request Initiatives

E-discovery is not the one-trick pony it used to be. Traditionally, it’s found its home amongst the legal world, but the proven efficacy of this multifaceted solution shines in a host of diversified arenas. Case in point, Information Requests. Let’s take a look at how proficiently this pony performs [...]

Announcing Summary Engine

Document Summarization through Deep Learning Neural Networks. Simplified with Summary Engine. We live in a world of verbose and complex concepts. It's Human Nature wanting to express ourselves for the purposes of education, documentation or even entertainment to our teams, families and friends. From news articles, educational works, and [...]

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