Xera Video Library.


Platinum offers world class support and training for our users, free of charge. However, many clients prefer to choose what training they want, when they want it. For them, we’ve created a video library covering everything you need to get started and some special videos for those who want more.












Power Use

Basic Training.

Get started with the fundamentals.

Basic Training.


Everything you, the new Xera user needs to get started with your review. 

General Overview.

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A general overview of the Xera platform that some users may find useful in getting started. Check it out!


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Tagging and foldering is seamless in Xera and can be used as a workflow tool in creative ways. 

Quick Search.

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Learn quick searching, then review the returned query results.

Metadata Fields.

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Here we discuss Platinum’s standard metadata field layout in Xera.

More Quick Search.

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More information around basic searching with the Quick Search tool in Xera.

Reviewing with Xera.

Deeper knowledge brings bigger rewards.

Batch Management.

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It’s really easy to work through a ton of documents with a good collaboration and batching strategy. Here’s how.

Search: Bates & Dates.

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Learn how to find data faster by searching bates and date ranges in Xera.

Facets with Xera.

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Learn more about your data collection with less search, by eliminating what you dont want, revealing what’s relevant.

Field Editing.

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Learn how to edit writable fields in Xera.

Doc Grouping.

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Learn doc grouping, mass coding, family nesting and different document groups.

iView Visualization.

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iView, a visualization tool great for tracking progress or visualizing clusters of information.

Near Duplicate Handling.


Check out Near Duplicate Detection with Xera’s Analytics.

Exporting with Xera.

Because sometimes the grass is greener on the other side..

Exporting PDFs.

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A quick tutorial that will have you exporting PDFs like a pro in minutes.

Export to Spreadsheet.

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Learn how easy it is to export simple metadata views to Excel format.

Printing with Xera.

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Document based printing in Xera. If you need to print, Xera’s got you covered.

Bulk Printing with Mass Actions.

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You can do a lot with the built in mass actions in Xera. In this video we cover bulk printing.

Xera Customization.

Shape your document review how you want it.

Organize with Foldering.

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Here’s a quick walkthrough of foldering with Xera. Folders can be used as moving or comparison blocks for a number of tasks.

View Customization.

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Here’s a great video by Olivia Cain at iConect, demonstrating how the view is easily customized in Xera.


Some of our top support tickets and how to solve them.

Natives & Images.

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Learn how to review a both imaged and native document collection in Xera.

Browser Scaling.

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Learn how to scale the real estate of your Xera interface with any browser.

Power User Program.

From Olivia Cain at iConect. The Official Program.

View Customization.

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Make the Xera Interface to work for you with powerful view customization.

Redact & Markup.

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Redact and annotate documents like a champ in Xera.

Coding and Comments.

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Enhance work product and increase recall with coding and comments in Xera.


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Organize and search content with simple and reliable foldering in Xera.

Reviewing Results.

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Reviewing the results of a query or sort in Xera.

Search Basics.

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Beginner content for anyone searching in Xera.

The Dashboard.

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Meet the Xera dashboard. A powerful analytic deck for decision making.

Getting Started.

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Another great getting started video, this one delivered as part of the Power User program by iConect.

What’s New? (March ’17)

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Check out what’s new in Xera for Q1 2017!