Why Cost Confidence? Understanding The Challenges Of A Modern Legal Research Initiative.

Why Cost Confidence? Exploring All-Inclusive eDiscovery Services with Platinum. Here's an understatement. Confidential data is a certain byproduct of modern business Litigation. It’s also a liability and it’s volume is increasingly unpredictable. Firms need a better way to access, discover, review, produce and secure client data to meet client expectations. Let’s explore these challenges and how firms are addressing them to gain an advantage over their competition using flat rate, predictable and low cost solutions like Cost Confidence. Challenge 1. Data Security. *According to a CNA Professional Counsel bulletin, roughly 80 percent of the largest firms in the United States have experienced a malicious breach. In 2016 alone, the IT consultancy Logicforce found that over 10,000 network intrusion attempts were detected per day across just 200 law firms. The same study found that 59 percent of all email