Partner Program.

Put the power of Platinum to work for you.

Platinum’s Channel Partner Program is focused on value versus volume, rewarding partners who create value, no matter their size or sales volume. The program has evolved over time to identify market transitions, enable our partners through these transitions and recognize partners for their practices. With major market transitions happening today, our channel partners have unique opportunities to evolve their business models and offer even more value to their customers, while at the same time, differentiating themselves and growing their business.

Companies can participate in Platinum’s channel program in two distinct directions. Enter the Cloud and Referral programs.

Platinum’s Cloud Partner Program is developed with your success in mind.

The global market for eDiscovery (software and Services) is projected to reach 11.6 billion by 2020. Additionally, a recent study showed that 75 percent of organizations expect the amount they spend on eDiscovery (software and Services) to grow in the coming year.  The advent of The Cloud is accelerating that growth as customers look for new services, delivered through the cloud that are easier to deploy, scale with their needs, and reduce the need for ongoing infrastructure costs. With our Partner Program, you can offer and deliver these solutions to meet your customer’s needs.

As a Cloud Partner of Platinum IDS you will be prepared to serve this fast growing market, delivering world class LitSupport services that generate a living annuity revenue stream for your business. By participating in the partner program you can maintain great margins while getting all the support you need to be successful. Your success is our success and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about our Cloud Partner offering below.

Benefits of Cloud Partnership.

Take a look at some of what’s included.

Bolt in a sophisticated offering supported by the most complete litigation support team in the world.

White labeled hosted offerings allow you to secure your review platform with your own domain.

Marketing and training support for your prospects and clients brings legitimacy to your offering.

Sales support for proposals, quotes, demos and events. You’ll never walk alone with Platinum.

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A Comprehensive Offering.

A sophisticated offering with the world’s most complete LitSupport team supports just about every processing and review environment out there. For some companies, we’re a bolt in human resource scaling mechanism. For others, we act as their entire LitSupport department, on demand.

Cloud Partners can resell or utilize these services as their own back-end operations solution.

The takeaway is simple. Building a world class eDiscovery company takes a lot of money and time. We’ve been perfecting it since 2001 and we know the struggle better than just about anyone out there. Finding key staff, building processes, infrastructure and security management programs can take years to develop and hundreds of hours a year to maintain. Cloud partners can capitalize on it with a simple turnkey ala-cartè solution that always fits and always profits.

White Labeling or Co-Branding.

Cloud partners can determine how much of the Platinum offering is exposed to their end users, if any at all. Our support team can support multiple brands seamlessly and our Hosted platforms can be branded for your company colors, logos and even secured using your own domain and SSL certificate.

When transparency counts, Platinum can satisfy all needs of the relationship with a co-branding solution that works with no labor, design or content creative burden for your team.  The solution is truly turnkey and works for everyone in every situation.

Marketing and Training. A fundamental sales support tool.

The most important part of any business is sales. Sales is the lifeblood that makes everything else possible and nothing supports sales initiative like a solid marketing engine. Platinum can manage marketing campaigns and even supplement your sales team with inside sales and appointment setting initiatives that deliver warm (interested) leads or hot (ready to buy) prospects to your pipeline every month.

To keep your offering fresh, Platinum can perform regular training and product release webinars for your users. We find that most providers in the LitSupport space perform a poor job at keeping their client base engaged over time, which makes it an easier decision to move to another provider. Customer engagement is one more way we can help your organization grow and sustain that growth indefinitely.

Sales Support, Product Demonstrations and More.

Platinum is a global technology leader in eDiscovery and LitSupport that loves helping our customers reach their highest business potential by accelerating organizational agility with connected technologies and solutions. Launch a forward thinking, collaborative team of motivated and dynamic professionals who enjoy solving mission critical technology and legal issues for our clients. You provide the challenger driven mindset, we’ll provide leading edge solutions, infrastructure and services to sell.