Cullable Desktop.

For years, our vision has been to integrate the immense power and flexibility of Cullable Cloud with your desktop, delivering the ability to control vast, scalable public cloud resources within a sleek and user-friendly interface. Sign up today to participate in the upcoming Early Access program.

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Cullable Desktop is Go!

We’ve embarked on porting and interconnecting all the incredible features of Cullable Cloud and our robust API framework into a user-friendly package that anyone can just install for free. Cullable does cost to use on live projects, but we offer free monthly use credits to try out new features and improvements released almost every week.

While many applications are moving away from desktop environments to the cloud, we understand the need for a powerful and efficient desktop solution for text recognition. Cullable Desktop is designed for users with hundreds of thousands of images and PDF files, eliminating the need for tedious uploads and downloads to and from the cloud.

No more complex API integrations; Cullable Desktop lets you focus on getting the job done. Whether you need to enrich text for databases, search engines, or legal purposes, our solution makes it simple and straightforward.



Platinum IDS Adopts Cullable Desktop – Alpha Feedback Period Begins.

The Platinum IDS Analog Services division scans over a million pages per month with about 90% of that going to some form of searchable medium. On Anomaly months they may run 10-20 million pages of OCR. Initial feedback is great and a series of improvements and features are implemented based on the team’s feedback.

With Cullable Desktop, teams can simply point the app at a massive number of PDF files, and watch as it instantly harnesses the power of numerous worker nodes in a world-class Google data center. This is not just OCR; it’s the full, unbridled power of the public cloud, brought directly to the desktop.

The Analog Services team experiences a new level of efficiency and performance with Cullable Desktop, where the power of the cloud meets the convenience of their own workspace.




Early Access Program Launch. Welcome to Cullable Desktop. We need feedback!

We begin developing assets and performing internal training to support the initial early access subscribers use of Cullable Desktop. On launch, we support text recognition workflows for single page images and PDF. The first features available will be Text Recognition, Branding, support for single page images, PDF files and boundary customization through use of an industry standard OPT file. Coming soon: Translation. In Development: Cullable Extract and DLP.