Data Science.

Transformation, Analysis, Reporting and Scalable up to billions of rows.

Improve decision-making with smart data access

Just as Platinum organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful, Data Science does the same for your business data, making it easy to build insight-powered workflows and applications.

Not everything plays well with your review platform.

Log data, inventory manifests, GPS data, financial data and so much more. Its no fun trying to review millions of lines of metrics and datapoints by hand. Actually, it’s kind of impossible. Let us draw you a picture instead. If you cant understand it, neither will the Jury.

A Holistic Approach to eDiscovery for Everyone

As digital transformation accelerates, the data available to legal teams about the client’s operation, finances, products, customers and markets is growing exponentially. Turning this data into insights will be critical to winning cases with defensible data. Furthermore, the capacity to make data-driven decisions must be pervasive in litigation, accessible to a broad range of audiences.