Forensically Sound Collection

It’s only as complicated as you make it.

Look, we get it. Being subpoenaed to produce electronic information is a scary and potentially complex problem to have. Platinum helps to simplify the process and reduce the risk of spoliation with easy to use, down to earth solutions that anyone can understand. Check out how Platinum solves the problem of forensic collection for corporations and legal teams every day.

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A simple and inexpensive solution with enterprise features and defensibility.

Notifying employees and others of the obligation to retain documents and data AND ensuring that specific relevant systems and data stores are preserved so that the organization is protected from preservation sanctions and fines is not an easy task – especially for legal purposes like lawsuits, regulatory matters and internal risk investigations.

There are many moving parts and many different groups of people involved. The legal requirements for handling documents and data correctly are nothing short of challenging. Platinum IDS, with Total Discovery simplifies the entire legal data preservation, including the entire eDiscovery process, by automating key tasks and guiding users through proven expert workflows. These workflows create process efficiency while ensuring defensibility and compliance with your legal and preservation obligations.

Finally, logistical and financial challenges around PC collection are solved before they begin. Total discovery has been challenged hundreds of times in court and remains 100% defensible.

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Defensible Collected Data Reduction

Once the data is collected, you’ve got another really big problem. A typical Windows PC can produce hundreds of thousands of files, with only an extremely narrow scope of those being somewhat relevant to the matter at hand. This creates an un-necessary burden for reviewers, eDiscovery processing vendors and the client.

Ultimately, it’s a huge waste of time and money. Platinum employs a number of automated and manual solutions to remedy this before data is promoted to a review platform.

System files can be discarded automatically. User created files can be easily searched and important actors or content are identified before linear or predictive reviews begin. Our process is born in transparency and all complex data challenges are simplified in collaboration with counsel.

With Platinum, your data collection is simplified and your reviewers stay focused on relevant, important content. You not only save a ton on the collection and processing workflows, your savings on the actual review are kind of extraordinary.

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Device Seizure

For your hottest custodians, device seizure is often the right thing to do. The value of a complete snapshot of a user’s operating footprint is often overlooked.

Understand how your custodian works. Discover an information treasure trove in deleted data. Pair a forensic analyst with your initiative and use every clue to your advantage. When used in the right place at the right time, device seizure can be an incredibly powerful weapon in your arsenal.

On the other hand, using this weapon frivolously can cause cost to skyrocket and scope to creep almost indefinitely. We recommend device seizure and complete forensic imaging / analysis for only a narrow slice of eDiscovery initiatives.

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It’s forensic collection. It’s not rocket science.

There are real complexities in data analysis, but collection should be a straight forward process. Check out our blog post to learn about 5 common myths around forensic collection. Forensic grade data collection has evolved and today, most people can do it well. That being said, it doesn’t mean everyone should do it.

Learn when it’s OK for your client to collect, when a hybrid client / vendor collection can work and when that absolutely shouldn’t happen. Need more? Fill out the form to the right for a no-cost confidential consultation with an eDiscovery expert.

Ready to learn more?

You’re in the right place. Reach out for a quick, no-nonsense discussion about how modern forensic collection can solve eDiscovery issues before they start on your next case.