Meet Cullable.

The Cloud Based eDiscovery Platform for Everyone.

Cullable is an inexpensive alternative to traditional eDiscovery processing workflows. It’s fast, secure and extremely easy to use. It’s not a review platform. Cullable focuses on the heavy lifting of ESI processing and reduction to help legal teams power through mountains of data faster so discovery can begin almost immediately.

Cullable’s OCR and PDF module are available today, with early access to ESI workflows coming as early in 2018. Apply for the Open Beta or learn more about Cullable’s mission below.

A Modular Approach.

A cloud-based eDiscovery platform isn’t exactly novel, so what makes Cullable so different?

Traditional eDiscovery processing platforms handle a lot of different operations. From evidence ingestion, deduplication, OCR or imaging and bates labeling. It’s great on paper. It demos well. Theoretically it’s everything you need to handle eDiscovery for your organization.

But alas, it’s sorely incomplete. eDiscovery software is expensive. To scale to any kind of volume, you’ll need more software licenses and servers to run the software. You’re going to need a ton of storage and you’re going to need Microsoft SQL, a DBA, Project Managers, a strong backup and retention policy, high availability infrastructure, practical redundancy and security of the exposed content. Not to mention the software is usually difficult to use, requiring specialized training and certifications.

With Cullable, all of this changes. We’re building the world’s first fully modular eDiscovery processing workflow, as a platform with no purchase, infrastructure, licensing or even training required. It never runs out of storage and auto-scales to thousands of workers automatically to meet any processing deadline.

To better illustrate, let’s dig a little deeper into the modular concept of Cullable.

Simplified OCR, PDF and ESI.

Tap directly into the scalable power of Cullable to perform many different legal document management processes.

With Cullable, there’s no complex projects to setup, no training required and everything uploaded is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Need to OCR some images? Just upload them with your load file. Need to make some PDFs searchable? Just upload them directly. Need to interrogate a new PST before determining if it should be promoted to review? No problem. Just push it up and watch it go.

With nearly zero setup. Cullable is ready to launch hundreds or thousands of cores of raw computing power at your project. When files are uploaded, Cullable interrogates the data, then builds a highly performant compute infrastructure and puts it to work on your project.

When the work’s done, Cullable disintegrates the workers which keeps costs down for Platinum. I know it sounds corny, but we pass the savings on to you. That’s really how it works. Your workspace also disintegrates shortly after, storing only encrypted hashes and important decisions you made in the project in case you need to restore a job, or de-duplicate data against a previous project.

With Cullable, we’ve found a way to offer the fastest, most scalable and secure eDiscovery processing solution in the world to the masses at a cost much lower than any solution on the market, period.

Cullable is born to integrate. With a robust and secured API, data ingestion for eDiscovery, Research, Big Data and Analytics initiatives can easily be served by Cullable’s groundbreaking distributed data processing model. Special pricing models ensure any industry can bring the power of Cullable into it’s projects while maintaining just about any development budget.

Cullable Modules
Cullable Wizzard

Cullable is for everyone.

Whether you’re a corporation who needs to pre-cull data before sending it to outside counsel, a law firm that needs to create 50,000 searchable PDFs for an expert, or a service provider who’s looking to reduce labor, licensing and infrastructure cost to improve profit margin, Cullable is built for you.

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