Platinum IDS – Top Tier Xera Provider – 6 Years Running

Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions. iConect's Top Tier Award Winner: Sixth Year In A Row. iCONECT Development LLC, a technology leader that develops intuitive, web-based e-discovery software, such as its flagship review platform, iCONECT-XERA®, is pleased to announce Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions has earned the 2018 Platinum Partner Award for the fifth year in a row. This award recognizes Platinum’s commitment to excellence in litigation support. As a recipient of the iCONECT Platinum Partner Award, Platinum IDS is being recognized for providing an outstanding eDiscovery experience and was evaluated in such areas as contribution to product vision, customer service, engagement with clients to expand eDiscovery knowledge, and joint marketing events. Additionally, Platinum IDS meets a set of requirements for duration as a hosting partner, size of installation, product knowledge and administrator certifications. Platinum level awards are granted to those

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Xera Analytics. Let’s Talk About Textual Detection of Near Duplicates

Textual Detection of Near Duplicates with Xera Analytics Near duplicate detection doesn't rely on hash values like traditional exact duplication strategies and thats a good thing. As demonstrated in this video, de-duplication processes can often leave textual duplicates or near duplicates behind because the documents are exact matches. In our demonstration, we find 5 exact copies of a record with different timestamps and in some cases, different email distribution recipients. Because some of the metadata was indeed different (time, recipient) the hash created to fingerprint the records didn't match each other and therefore were not considered a true duplicate. So what's the big deal? In Legal document review, documents are methodically reviewed and tagged or 'coded' for relevance in accordance to document production requests. This labor is traditionally distributed across many reviewers. Therefore, the human element is multiplied,

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