Analog Litigation Support: Paper Based Services

Analog, or Paper Based Litigation Services for Mobility, Collaboration or Trial. We’re often surprised that many of our customers don’t know the sheer breadth of our services offering. We truly cover a lot of ground at Platinum, including the paper needs of our clientele. Even clients in other cities may benefit from Platinum's maintained world class document imaging and duplication initiative, dubbed ‘Analog LTS Services’. (LTS stands for Litigation Technology Systems) Why Analog? Because opposed to our traditional eDiscovery or ‘Digital’ services, Analog most often deals with physical, or tangible information formats such as paper, or demonstrative formats like trial boards.  Texas hosts some of the most extraordinary trials in the nation due to it being home to many of the nations top eDiscovery and technology savvy courtrooms. If you're traveling to Dallas for Litigation, Trial or if

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Exhibit Preparation – A Different Type of Litigation Support

Here's Why Outsourcing Exhibit Preparation Makes Sense Law firms need litigation support for a number of reasons. ESI management, data collection, project management, and document review are all well-known ways in which a lit support agency can assist a law firm. Outsourcing these processes can help lighten the load on legal teams, allowing them to focus on more high-level tasks. One of the lesser-known services provided by litigation support firm is exhibit preparation. This post examines why law firms should consider partnering with a litigation support service for exhibit prep and delves into some of the ways in which these services can assist with exhibit prep. Why Get Help for Exhibit Prep? A law firm should outsource exhibit preparation when: Overloaded Most law firms struggle with resources at some point in their tenure. One large case, piled on

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