Foreign Language OCR and Translation

Cullable. Foreign Language OCR And Translation. A Cloud Based OCR And Translation As-A-Service For PDF And Images Of Any Format. Cullable's Roots Cullable was designed for mission critical business litigation for American legal matters. Through exposure of our innovative technology, we found more industries desperately need a better language agnostic OCR and translation solution. Today we offer this incredible technology available with no development, no purchase, no installation or training at a cost much lower than anything else on the market. Cullable can process OCR in over 50 languages, thousands of times faster and optionally translate that content into just about any language with the highest level of accuracy available. Both single and double byte characters as found in Chinese, Japanese and Korean character sets are fully supported, even when languages are mixed in a compounded document format.

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Xera Analytics. Let’s Talk About Textual Detection of Near Duplicates

Textual Detection of Near Duplicates with Xera Analytics Near duplicate detection doesn't rely on hash values like traditional exact duplication strategies and thats a good thing. As demonstrated in this video, de-duplication processes can often leave textual duplicates or near duplicates behind because the documents are exact matches. In our demonstration, we find 5 exact copies of a record with different timestamps and in some cases, different email distribution recipients. Because some of the metadata was indeed different (time, recipient) the hash created to fingerprint the records didn't match each other and therefore were not considered a true duplicate. So what's the big deal? In Legal document review, documents are methodically reviewed and tagged or 'coded' for relevance in accordance to document production requests. This labor is traditionally distributed across many reviewers. Therefore, the human element is multiplied,

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Platinum IDS Recognized as one of the Top eDiscovery Providers in the World.

Platinum Recognized as a Top Tier eDiscovery Provider. Based on a compilation of research from analyst firms and industry expert reports in the electronic discovery arena, Platinum IDS has been named one of the world’s top 100 eDiscovery providers. The complete list of finalists are provided here. Platinum IDS was founded in 2001 and has become one of the most recognized eDiscovery and Litigation Support providers in the world. As the innovators behind Cullable, Automator and I/O, we’ve built quite a reputation for scalable, public facing eDiscovery technologies that help litigators move faster through complex eDiscovery projects with less friction and less cost. Platinum IDS employs some of the brightest and most qualified eDiscovery subject matter experts in the world. We augment large, qualified teams of litigation support professionals to scale on demand and act as a

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