How eDiscovery Disciplines Intersect with Information Request Initiatives

E-discovery is not the one-trick pony it used to be. Traditionally, it’s found its home amongst the legal world, but the proven efficacy of this multifaceted solution shines in a host of diversified arenas. Case in point, Information Requests. Let’s take a look at how proficiently this pony performs to fulfill State and Federal FOIA initiatives.  The Problem to Solve:  State and Federal agencies funded by taxpayer dollars are compelled to be transparent about their activities, wherever possible without exposing personal or private / privileged information. Citizens can request information under various freedom of information statutes or open record acts. Unlike discovery in court cases, deadlines for production of responsive documents are truncated, so time and accuracy are of the essence. Naturally, some agencies will receive more information requests than others. State and federal funding is lean,

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Platinum IDS – Top Tier Xera Provider – 6 Years Running

Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions. iConect's Top Tier Award Winner: Sixth Year In A Row. iCONECT Development LLC, a technology leader that develops intuitive, web-based e-discovery software, such as its flagship review platform, iCONECT-XERA®, is pleased to announce Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions has earned the 2018 Platinum Partner Award for the fifth year in a row. This award recognizes Platinum’s commitment to excellence in litigation support. As a recipient of the iCONECT Platinum Partner Award, Platinum IDS is being recognized for providing an outstanding eDiscovery experience and was evaluated in such areas as contribution to product vision, customer service, engagement with clients to expand eDiscovery knowledge, and joint marketing events. Additionally, Platinum IDS meets a set of requirements for duration as a hosting partner, size of installation, product knowledge and administrator certifications. Platinum level awards are granted to those

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Platinum IDS Recognized as one of the Top eDiscovery Providers in the World.

Platinum Recognized as a Top Tier eDiscovery Provider. Based on a compilation of research from analyst firms and industry expert reports in the electronic discovery arena, Platinum IDS has been named one of the world’s top 100 eDiscovery providers. The complete list of finalists are provided here. Platinum IDS was founded in 2001 and has become one of the most recognized eDiscovery and Litigation Support providers in the world. As the innovators behind Cullable, Automator and I/O, we’ve built quite a reputation for scalable, public facing eDiscovery technologies that help litigators move faster through complex eDiscovery projects with less friction and less cost. Platinum IDS employs some of the brightest and most qualified eDiscovery subject matter experts in the world. We augment large, qualified teams of litigation support professionals to scale on demand and act as a

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