Analog, or Paper Based Litigation Services for Mobility, Collaboration or Trial.

We’re often surprised that many of our customers don’t know the sheer breadth of our services offering. We truly cover a lot of ground at Platinum, including the paper needs of our clientele. Even clients in other cities may benefit from Platinum’s maintained world class document imaging and duplication initiative, dubbed ‘Analog LTS Services’. (LTS stands for Litigation Technology Systems)

Why Analog? Because opposed to our traditional eDiscovery or ‘Digital’ services, Analog most often deals with physical, or tangible information formats such as paper, or demonstrative formats like trial boards. 

Texas hosts some of the most extraordinary trials in the nation due to it being home to many of the nations top eDiscovery and technology savvy courtrooms. If you’re traveling to Dallas for Litigation, Trial or if a collection of documents is in the area that require imaging or duplication, you should consider Platinum. 

Popular services from Analog Services are as follows, although this is not an exhaustive list: 

    • Trial Exhibit Creation: This includes Exhibit Stamping, Printing, Binding and more. Platinum acts as a secure repository for firms and corporations as exhibit designations are made throughout trial preparation. 
    • Secure Archival and Destruction Services: Traditionally long or unestablished deadline projects that require accurate capture of documents for archival purposes. Often valuable in M&A transactions, or when a company seeks to distribute legacy information inter-organizationally,  or reclaim storage real estate for more effective purposes. Documents can optionally be securely destroyed after image capture with a defensible certificate of destruction. 
    • Data Transformation / Conversion: Conversion of any image format to any other image format, popular in ETL initiatives, or to ensure document formats meet receiving party standards.
    • Document Imaging: Useful in discovery, archival or data mining initiatives. Most commonly performed at our home office, but on-site imaging services are available in the D/FW area and with notice, possibly beyond our region.
    • OCR Services: Using Cullable, the world’s most effective and accurate OCR engine. Imaged documents can be OCR’ed at a clip of 20,000 pages per minute in any language. Optional machine translation can be added for a low additional fee.
    • Document Printing: Also called ‘Blowback’. Documents are printed at high speed using Canon laser printers on brilliant white, archival grade paper. Documents are delivered in high quality archival grade storage boxes at no additional cost. Documents can be printed chronologically, by author or organization with appropriate metadata.
    • Document Copy: Secure duplication of paper content, again using Canon image capture equipment, reproduced on brilliant white, archival grade paper. Delivered in high quality archival grade storage boxes at no additional cost. We also offer free pickup and delivery in the D/FW area.
    • Hard Drives and Flash Media: Platinum stocks content storage devices overstocked if a client ever needs a hard drive, we’d gladly sell them one. Alternatively, any project can be returned to the client on high quality archival grade media. Media can be encrypted in a variety of ways. 
    • All Projects are archived for a period of two years. Documents can be recalled at any time, or destroyed on demand with a request in writing to better comply with protective orders or end of life scenarios. 
    • Branding: This includes Bates labeling, confidential or privileged designations, or exhibit stamps of any kind. 
    • Physical or Digital Redaction: Documents of any kind can be redacted by hand or digitally per client specification or goals. 
    • Logical Document Determination (or LDD): Documents are manually interrogated to determine the logical start and stop of a record. Often used as a precursor to document coding to ensure dates, authors or other important metadata appropriately represent the document’s content.
    • Document Coding: Documents are manually interrogated to extract metadata such as document type, author, title, date, names mentioned and more. Can be extremely valuable in creating a chronological sort or timeline of events, or filtering documents by content classification. 
    • Content Destruction Services: Documents, Hard Drives or any other sensitive media can be destroyed and a certificate of destruction delivered to ensure defensibility of the operation. 
    • Oversized Printing and Imaging: Documents can be blown up to large demonstrative formats for presentation, advertisement or promotional initiatives. Large documents such as maps or ASBUILT drawings can also be imaged to better align with review and production workflows. 
    • Full Bindery Services: Many types of binding mediums are available as a service. Binders of all sizes are stocked at all times. 
    • Media Duplication: Hard drives, flash drives, CD or DVD media can be defensibly duplicated and labeled on demand. 
    • Worldwide delivery and fulfillment services: Available through FedEx / UPS or hand delivered by courier. 
    • Custom Requests Managed: For requests that don’t fit into a traditional line item, workflows and quality programs can be designed for just about any request, billed with standard technical time charges.
    • On-site and Facility Management / BPO Services.

Analog LTS services are available on or off site. On-site services require a bit of setup and scheduling, but it’s important to understand that many highly confidential cases, or cases requiring a high volume of active, live working files are better handled on-site with Platinum staff members.  Over the years, attorneys have become experienced in offering successful rebuttals to this process, but it’s never comfortable. On-site services can help remedy this discomfort. This offering makes us somewhat unique in our local market. Most of our competitors don’t even have on-site services or FM (Facility Management) / BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) on their radar.

Benefits of on-site or FM opportunities: 

  • Platinum employees better understand the importance of instructions and goals throughout the project. They’re career document managers and will easily outperform existing staff or temporary employees in an on-site initiative. 
  • Daily reporting on needs and progress throughout the project or engagement. 
  • Regular access to documents responsive to the initiative. Documents are on-site and can be utilized by anyone who needs them. 
  • Strong proficiency with the work proposed and the equipment required to complete the project. 
  • A managed initiative, with support services to assist when needed. 
  • Equipment cost of rental is lower with outsourcing, we bring our own and it’s only cost to the company is while the project is active. 
  • Platinum employees are already experienced with the gear used on site. This means simple maintenance like cleaning and jam clearing can usually be managed by the team members without relying on IT. 
  • Platinum gear is industrial grade, will perform faster and at a higher quality than traditional office systems. 
  • The initiative is completely managed by Platinum, requiring little to no administrative support by the host organization. It’s truly plug and play with no setup or maintenance.


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