Here’s Why Outsourcing Exhibit Preparation Makes Sense

Law firms need litigation support for a number of reasons. ESI management, data collection, project management, and document review are all well-known ways in which a lit support agency can assist a law firm. Outsourcing these processes can help lighten the load on legal teams, allowing them to focus on more high-level tasks. One of the lesser-known services provided by litigation support firm is exhibit preparation.

This post examines why law firms should consider partnering with a litigation support service for exhibit prep and delves into some of the ways in which these services can assist with exhibit prep.

Why Get Help for Exhibit Prep?

A law firm should outsource exhibit preparation when:


Most law firms struggle with resources at some point in their tenure. One large case, piled on top of an already busy client load, can overwhelm a legal team and potentially result in an unfavorable verdict. In these instances, outsourcing some of the exhibit prep work can help a legal team prepare for trial without potentially compromising the quality of their work.


Another situation in which it makes sense to outsource exhibit preparation is when cases require travel. If a legal team has to travel to a non-local court, it’s highly likely that they could need help creating and coordinating exhibits. Transporting exhibits can be inconvenient at best and in certain circumstances impossible, requiring an attorney and his or her team to quickly create everything at their destination, far from their offices. In these instances, local litigation support can provide the resources and assistance needed to properly prepare exhibits.

It Lacks Expertise in a Particular Area

In some instances, a legal team may simply not have the background required to create an effective presentation. For example, complex medical exhibits are often difficult to assemble. Educating jurors about a complicated medical procedure makes a tough process even more challenging. In these cases, being able to distill medical jargon and procedures into an easy to understand presentation is crucial. However, if a firm does not have experience with this, then it can often be better to partner with a litigation support agency that does.

First Starting Out

Finally, exhibit preparation is ideal for smaller firms that need a little bit of extra help before a trial. Preparing exhibits can be overwhelming for a single attorney or a small team. Having a partner that can take on some of the workload, especially one that understands the process well and knows how to create compelling exhibits, can make all the difference in a case.

How Can Litigation Support Services Help with Exhibit Prep?

There is a surprising amount of ways in which a lit support firm can assist law firms. These services typically include:

  • Basic tasks such as scanning, printing, copying
  • Charts, graphs, timeline creation
  • Image enhancement
  • Creating witness binders
  • PowerPoint/Presentation creation
  • Exhibit Stamping, flattening and conversion to PDF.
  • Bates numbering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Equipment setup/teardown
  • Demonstratives, trial boards and exemplars
  • Practicing attorneys to help organize content and build presentation strategy.
  • And more


Outsourcing exhibit prep logistics can be the perfect compliment to a complex eDiscovery process. Allowing an external resource to handle these minute details will allow a law firm to focus intently on what clients hired them to do – to win the case.