Foreign Language OCR And Translation.

A Cloud Based OCR And Translation As-A-Service For PDF And Images Of Any Format.

Cullable’s Roots

Cullable was designed for mission critical business litigation for American legal matters. Through exposure of our innovative technology, we found more industries desperately need a better language agnostic OCR and translation solution. Today we offer this incredible technology available with no development, no purchase, no installation or training at a cost much lower than anything else on the market.

Cullable can process OCR in over 50 languages, thousands of times faster and optionally translate that content into just about any language with the highest level of accuracy available. Both single and double byte characters as found in Chinese, Japanese and Korean character sets are fully supported, even when languages are mixed in a compounded document format. It’s really something to behold, and did I mention we can process images at a rate of 15,000-20,000 pages per minute? It does.

Large document formats like newsprint or magazines are no problem. Color images? No big deal. Low DPI or image quality? You’ll be amazed at what Cullable will produce.

Two Innovations: OCR and Translate

Translation is part of the story, the other part is language agnostic OCR.

Machine translation can only perform well if clean unicode text is presented to the engine. This is where Cullable really shines. We’ve built the world’s fastest and most accurate OCR engine that works with 54 languages and counting. It’s presented through a simple and beautiful user interface that requires little to no training. Hebrew is a hard language to translate, as many of the words don’t properly translate to English 1:1. However, our machine learning algorithm does a great job based on other translated keywords in context. In this respect, machine translation can be more effective than human translation due to the inconsistencies of subjective translators. Even though the translation may flow better in the final product, the rules followed can suffer from a non-standardized workflow. This is magnified when attempting to scale through large jobs.

Cullable OCR: Getting Started

Cullable’s Optical Character Recognition and Translation is available today as a cloud app or a professional service, and coming soon as a secured, restful API service. We’re excited to bring this innovation to everyone that needs it at an affordable cost.

Interested in learning more? Check out the video below from our historic OCR engine launch, or sign up today for a demo against your own data. Language agnostic image OCR is here and optional machine translation is just a few clicks away.