Why it makes sense to re-evaluate litigation tech in December.

Since 2001, Platinum has been building successful outcomes for corporations, agencies and law firms, internationally. We cover a lot of ground at Platinum, from trial support and  digitization of paper-based content to forensically sound data harvesting, defensible content reduction strategies through linear document review and production.

In the end, Platinum is easily one of the most diverse e-discovery solution providers in the world. We’ve even been ranked one of the top 100 service providers in the world by an independent survey.

But enough about us. This is really about you and ensuring that you’re poised to be a Document Discovery Powerhouse for your clients in the coming new year.

I’m in no position to talk about your workload. Some of us are extraordinarily busy in December but realistically many of us have some additional bandwidth at the end of the year. Consider what you’ve learned about Discovery processing and review in the past 12 months. A host of distractive or even interruptive technologies have been presented to legal teams in the past several months. Your firm might have even invested in some of these technologies in the hopes of lowering cost, improving time to deliver critical work product, and hopefully simplifying your company’s document identification workflows.

Has it worked? Is life as a document reviewer or researcher really improved in 2017?

December presents a unique opportunity to re-evaluate what document review and ediscovery really means to your group and determine what can be improved to make you more competitive and effective in 2018.

For example, Advanced Analytics like predictive coding and near-duplicate analysis have become a major push for many of our clients this year. We’ve seen small and relatively inexperienced teams power through millions of documents at a fraction of the cost or time typically associated with this kind of process. We even offer no-cost pilots of this technology against your existing data set, supplemented by certified trainers who answer every question and hold your hand along the way to ensure absolute success in your data mining endeavors.

Another innovation that Platinum has brought to the forefront this year is the concept of all-inclusive pricing which has greatly impacted the bottom line for the end client, and has simplified quick turn e-discovery end review projects by eliminating daily exposure to additional fees. Projects are performed immediately, without the need to wait for client approval against a document ingestion, production or administrative process. we call this Cost Confidence, and it may be the most aggressive e-discovery pricing model in the industry today.

If you haven’t checked out Cost Confidence, you should really give it a look before entering into your new case load in 2018.

This year, Platinum introduced Cullable, the cloud-based OCR, PDF and ediscovery ingestion platform that easily outperforms any solution on the market at a fraction of the cost. There’s no software to buy, there’s no subscription fee or user licenses, and projects are performed in a fraction of the time and cost traditionally associated with this kind of complex work. Cullable runs with a extraordinarily mature codebase, is encrypted in transit and at rest. While the application is in beta, hundreds of teams are taking advantage of the scalable genius that is Cullable to solve data transformation issues for their cases everyday.

No one supports your project like Platinum. Live training can be scheduled directly from our website, where you’ll also find a comprehensive library of training videos for our review platform, and also a form that allows our users to suggest new training content to be created and loaded to the video library as well.  Like all of our solutions, the training portal and video library are written in HTML5 and are mobile responsive, so they work great on tablets, phones, personal computers and laptops. Platinum also adheres to a strict 10 minute email response time during business hours, supplemented by a personal liaison 24/7.

Finally, Platinum introduced a no cost migration program from any other platform out there. We still hear about those cases that just won’t die where clients are paying upwards of $20 per gigabyte to host in other platforms. Platinum can seamlessly migrate all hosted data to our platform for just $5.00 per gigabyte. New clients can even get their first month of users at no cost. This could represent a substantial savings over any solution offered on the market.

It’s easy for us to “toot our own horn”, so don’t take our word on it, we will gladly provide a list of top shelf references that are always willing to sing our praises.  Take a moment and schedule some time with one of our consultants today and learn how Platinum can help you make 2018 the most cost effective and productive litigation support years ever.

-Merry Christmas.

Your friends at Platinum.

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