Cullable: A Brighter Future for eDiscovery.

We’ve been working hard for over a year on perfecting the world’s most performant, most affordable and easiest to use OCR and PDF conversion engine. Hundreds of users have experienced the speed of Cullable PDF first hand, and we’re proud to announce that our release candidate of OCR and PDF tools is coming in the next month. Welcome to Milestone 11 (M11).

Open beta for M11 of Cullable will begin October 30. A signup for the open beta will be posted on the front page of

M11 is an important release for the Cullable beta program because it marks the focus on eDiscovery tools for the new Cullable framework. We spent an enormous amount of time and money to build our standalone OCR and PDF tools because they’re necessary for eDiscovery workflows. Furthermore, we feel that the current solutions available on the market today fall short of OCR and PDF processing, so we wanted to do that better than anyone else. Outside feedback from beta participants is we’ve done just that.

What should you expect with M11?

  • Have single page images and a load file? Need OCR? Cullable will ingest both your load file and images to produce the world’s finest document based OCR.
  • Cullable will also export your images as searchable PDFs if you need that. Expect the fastest PDF conversion and OCR merge ever. Seriously. It’s really fast.
  • Have PDF files that need OCR? Push them right into Cullable and we’ll handle the dirty work for you. Cullable will convert the PDFs into single page images, OCR them and recombine them while merging OCR into the record using a proprietary (patent application filed) process that enhances searchability in ways never considered before.
  • Even if your source import is PDF, we’ll still be able to give you document level text for your database at no cost.
  • Got foreign language documents? Cullable will allow you to select what language you’d like to OCR with. A full list of supported languages is available here. Cullable can even OCR with multiple languages at the same time, at the same speed and the same price.
  • Expect more information than you’ve ever received about a PDF or OCR processing project, including a full manifest of any warnings or errors Cullable encounters in the process. These anomalies can be mass coded in your review database for hand review before a ‘quick and dirty‘ privilege screen, as an example.
  • PDFs can be endorsed with a Bates number and a message, just like you’d expect in Litigation. The Bates and message will be added to your OCR text automatically.

Development is never done, and we’ll be applying minor changes here and there, and as always we’ll be looking for feedback on how we can make M11 even better. This being said, our development focus will shift to our core offering, eDiscovery processing for early case assessment.

As you may know, Cullable’s prime differentiators are speed, cost, ease of use and quality. Cullable isn’t that different from most eDiscovery engines on the market today, except for the fact that it uses big data databases like Elastic Search which dont require indexing and Cullable can scale to literally thousands of nodes to tackle any eDiscovery processing challenge in a fraction of the time traditionally associated with it.

We hope to start demos of our eDiscovery abilities with Cullable in December. We’ll be making additional announcements as that gets closer.

Sign up for Cullable’s beta program to be the first to hear about new releases as they become available.

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