Let’s talk about Cost Confidence.

Today, there’s more options than ever before when it comes to building an eDiscovery plan for processing and review. An explosion of new solutions over the last year have made eDiscovery more accessible for everyone. However, it seems that just about every new offering out there is built differently – which adds some confusion when you’re trying to understand the true cost of the solution.

We’d like to take a moment to discuss some of the challenges of these models and what we’ve done to simplify these complexities once and for all.

All Inclusive.

This is a term that has a lot of different meanings in our industry. To some, it means ‘eDiscovery processing and review of X GB for 12 months with do-it-yourself productions’.

The problem we see with this translation is that many cases don’t last 12 months. Also, it usually means you’ll have to pay for it all over again next year if the case lasts 13 months. Additionally, many firms are either unimpressed with DIY production tools, or overwhelmed by their complexity.

The Production.

Remember, traditional litigation initiatives usually don’t do their own productions. If you’ve ever made a production to the SEC, you might understand why. eDiscovery Production protocol for major firms or government agencies can be extraordinarily complex. Teams can put deadlines in jeopardy without an experienced hand to assist with creating and quality controlling these productions.

The Contract.

Most vendors that offer an ‘all inclusive’ or ‘bundled’ offering stipulate a minimum contracted duration for the project. This means that even if the case settles in 3 months, you’ve either paid for it up front, or entered into an agreement to pay over 12. It’s typical to get a discount when you pay up front or sign an agreement to buy more units, right? This is just like signing up with a new Cable TV provider. You can easily pay for 600 channels whether you watch them or not.

Our Offering.

Platinum’s been working hard to nail the all-inclusive/bundled offering in a way that truly offers a month to month, flat rate for all of our professional litigation support services. We call it Cost Confidence, and it’s available now for all of your new cases.

How does it work?

Platinum includes everything we offer in our eDiscovery, Hosting, Digital Services and Project Management service line for a low, monthly, per gigabyte cost. The cost per gigabyte goes down as volume goes up and all bundles include reviewer licenses for our award winning review platform, Xera. Reviewer licenses scale with volume and more are allocated with every case you add. It’s that simple. Platinum makes the process even easier with tools like Automator, which allow teams to launch a new project in just minutes.

To understand your cost of an upcoming project, you should meet with one of our consultants, but here’s an idea of what you might spend with Cost Confidence. Keep in mind this includes Remote Email Collection, ESI Processing, OCR, Culling, Database, Reviewer Licenses, Productions and just about everything else you could imagine.


A single user license can access any database for your firm, so with 10 cases at 100GB each, you’d be granted 30 free reviewer licenses. Additional licenses are just $100.

Before you build your next project budget, it makes sense to talk with Platinum IDS about Cost Confidence. Firms across the country are taking advantage of this new model and saving a ton over traditional eDiscovery service offerings.

Start a live chat with us or complete the form below to have a discussion today.

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