A key advantage to hiring a Litigation Support Company

A lot has been written about the benefits of litigation support, but there is one reason in particular that firms usually don’t consider: technology.

New technology and processes are constantly being introduced to the legal field, which can be even more challenging for smaller or mid-sized firms. But the adoption of this new technology is also critical to remaining competitive and leveraging existing resources. Legal firms may want to strongly consider a litigation support company to further facilitate their adoption of these new technologies.

Litigation support operates as an expert and a partner, keeping abreast of new advancements in technology and helping your firm take advantage of these shiny new tools.

Legal Technology Gives Legal Firms an Edge

Whether trying to establish a foothold in a highly competitive market or simply trying to expand, a legal firm often finds itself in very tough competition. Legal technology can be used to give legal firms an edge in a variety of ways:

Increasing efficiency. Technology is used to automate many processes that would otherwise take a significant amount of time. When it comes to smaller firms, there often aren’t enough staff members available to comb through large volumes of documents or review case information. By automating these processes, firms can do more with less.

Improving accuracy. Humans are fallible no matter how careful they are trying to be. By utilizing technology, legal firms can improve the accuracy of their work — even while still ensuring that documents and data undergo a final review by human eyes. Improving accuracy improves case outcomes, leading to more satisfied clients and a better reputation overall.

Providing a better client experience. Through technology, processes can be streamlined and costs reduced. Clients will be billed fewer hours, achieve better case outcomes, and see results faster. Litigation support will be able to further advise on how to increase value for clients.

Saving money. It isn’t just about saving on resources; the right technology also saves money. But how do you identify the right technology? A litigation support partner will be able to identify the right solutions for your firm while also ensuring that your firm stays with its budget.

Technologies a Litigation Support Company Can Help You Utilize

Here are a few of the new or changing technologies that a litigation support partner can assist you with.

  • Artificial intelligence and predictive coding. Now used throughout eDiscovery, artificial intelligence and predictive coding can be used to analyze and review documents without human intervention. This is particularly valuable for large data sets.
  • Better Optical Character Recognition. Not all discovery documents are currently digital. Paper documents still need to undergo the process of digitization if they are to be quickly reviewed, searched, and analyzed. Better optical character recognition suites, such as Cullable, make it easy to deal with the process of paper discovery.
  • Big data and pattern analysis. Legal firms will soon be able to search through documents, verdicts, and external cases for hidden links that can connect them. For the purpose of research, this will make it far easier for firms to draw conclusions and parallels within their own cases.
  • Cloud-based case management. All-in-one case management systems are also making it easier to track and consolidate information, including the performance of individual staff members, to better manage the efficiency and productivity of a firm.

There are many advances coming — and being able to identify the appropriate technology and implement it can be a challenge. Working with a litigation support partner removes a significant amount of uncertainty regarding this process. With a partner, you’ll be able to get the technology that your firm needs —  and you’ll be able to manage the transition with the help of a knowledgeable expert.

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