Meet Cullable.

The super scalable eDiscovery processing powerhouse that’s easy to use.

Cullable is the result of nearly two years of dedicated development with some of the most experienced engineers and ediscovery experts in the business. It’s designed to be the fastest, easiest to use and least expensive eDiscovery processing solution available.

Cullable will be available as a scalable, fully cloud based processing platform, or with it’s powerful and comprehensive API, an integratable ESI ingestion engine for repository and review applications like Xera, Relativity and more.

Cullable is currently in Alpha, but we’ve started a closed Beta program for a select group of industry veterans to test our first module release, Cullable OCR.

Cullable OCR?

Thats right. You just read that Cullable’s an eDiscovery processing solution. But think about that. An eDiscovery platform does lots of things, right? It ingests data, it OCR’s, it makes PDFs and single page images, it brands and helps you reduce irrelevant data.

Through our experience, research and lots of interviews, we’ve confirmed that there’s a real need outside of traditional eDiscovery processing workflows for each of those stages. It seems the industry has focused on big, bulky eDiscovery workflows and forgotten about the occasional 3rd party production that just needs OCR. Or the PST that needs to be PDF’d, made searchable, branded and sent out at 6:00 on Friday night.

Sometimes, you just need a slice of that greater workflow and anything else is a waste of your time and resources.

For this, we’ve decided to release Cullable in stages. Stages that can be executed individually, or chained together to create comprehensive data processing and learning workflows.  The first workflow stage for release is Cullable OCR.

Like all of Cullable’s workflow stages, Cullable OCR is built to be the world’s fastest, least expensive, secure and easy to use solution available.

Participants of our closed beta will experience OCR speeds of 20,000 pages per minute and better. We anticipate exceeding that speed many times over in the coming months to accommodate this throughput for new members of our upcoming open beta program.

How does it work?

Simple. Upload a zip file with single page images and a working Opticon load file. Approve the estimate. Click to process and download your content.

Really. Thats it.

Future versions may allow for multipage tif and lots of other imagebase loadfile types, but we started here for obvious reasons of popularity. For now, the Cullable OCR beta only supports single page images with an .OPT file.

Get Involved.

The closed beta is full and is no longer accepting applicants, but we expect to expand the beta, or move into an open beta by February 1st. The best thing to do today is signup for a slot at Everyone’s welcome from vendors and agencies to corporations or law firms.

Cullable is for everyone.

Or, check out our latest eBook: How to Level the Playing Field using Predictive Coding.

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