Unsure Whether to Outsource eDiscovery Project Management? Consider These Three Things…

For every big case which involves large amounts of data, the question is always “should I manage this in-house or outsource everything?”. There are a number of reasons why it might make more sense for your firm to outsource eDiscovery project management rather than attempt to handle it all in-house. Here are a few of the top reasons that may be applicable to your firm.

1. Outsourcing Lets Your Managing Attorney Focus On Other Things

The eDiscovery process is a lengthy and time-consuming one, but it isn’t necessarily one that demands the attention of your most important personnel. In smaller, boutique firms, a managing attorney may have to handle much of the eDiscovery process themselves. They will most likely have to perform reviews and final pass checks on the documents to ensure that nothing has been missed. By outsourcing your eDiscovery process, you free up your managing attorney and key personnel so that they can focus on things other than administrative work.

2. An Experienced eDiscovery Partner Is More Efficient

The right eDiscovery partner can use their wealth of experience and knowledge regarding past cases to narrow down the files that need to be examined. This reduces eDiscovery costs — something that is absolutely critical for smaller firms. The less a firm needs to spend on each individual case, the better value that they can provide to their clients and the more profit they can ultimately make.

Experienced eDiscovery partners are able to add value throughout the eDiscovery process in other ways as well. For example, they don’t just get the work done faster, they can also get it done better. Many small firms struggle with the availability of staff members and partners, and are therefore unable to get an experienced set of eyes on their eDiscovery documents until the final stages. An outsourced eDiscovery project management firm can resolve this issue.

3. eDiscovery Project Management Offers the Technology You Need

eDiscovery is as much about technology as it is about either experience or knowledge. Through eDiscovery project management, a legal firm is able to gain a tech-capable partner that is able to provide support for the eDiscovery process. An outsourced eDiscovery partner will be able to give the legal firm critical information about the technology that they can use to facilitate faster and better operations, essentially acting as an outsources IT solution in addition to legal services solution.

Throughout the eDiscover process, the project management team will be able to troubleshoot technical Technological expertise also aids in ensuring that the eDiscovery process is completed in a timely and accurate way, something that can’t always be guaranteed when a firm is operating with limited resources.

In addition to the above, eDiscovery can potentially help with cyber security. Cyber security is a growing concern for modern enterprises in all industries, but legal organizations must be especially conscientious due to the nature and sheer volume of documents they must maintain. For more information about how eDiscovery project management can aid your organization, contact the experts at Platinum IDS.

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