Learn About the Legal Technology That Helps Firms Improve Collaboration

Though collaboration may be critical for the success of any legal organization, it’s disproportionately important for smaller firms. Through collaboration, smaller firms can improve their operating efficiency, reduce their hours, and remain competitive with firms that may have significantly more resources. More productive collaboration methods mean faster and better outcomes for clients, in addition to better relationships with outside resources.

Here are a few ways you can use technology to improve upon your legal collaboration techniques:

1. Law Firm Management Software

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms such as Clio, MyCase, and Abacus Law are all designed specifically for the management of a law firm and its projects. These cloud-based solutions are able to streamline and automate many of the processes involved in both firm and case management, ranging from the automation of document processing to time tracking. They will additionally be able to help the organization with all of their accounting services, ranging from billing collections to income and expense statements.

Law firm management software is effective at helping legal team members to collaborate thanks to features such as shared calendars, messaging tools, and shared reporting. Since these platforms are cloud-based, they can be accessed anywhere from an internet capable device, making it easy for lawyers, paralegals, and other members of the firm to access the information when needed.

In addition to helping the organization track profitability, a SaaS management solution will also aid in maintaining regulatory compliance — which is why management solutions specifically developed for legal firms tend to be preferable over general purpose management solutions. More advanced management solutions can even aid the organization in advertising and reaching out to their clientele, tracking client lifecycles and improving upon customer retention and lead tracking.

2. Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools

Cloud-based collaboration tools give your legal team a highly accessible, consolidated platform on which to check-in, complete projects, and share critical information. Cloud-based solutions are platform independent and intuitive, offering an all-in-one hub where documents can be stored and worked on without any information being potentially lost or overwritten. With a cloud-based solution, data will be automatically backed up and will be accessible from anywhere — essential for those who have to complete work on-the-go or at client sites.

Cloud-based collaborative tools range from full-service suites (such as Office 365) to document management solutions (such as Box). By making it easier for your staff members to communicate with one another, you can gain more productive project hours, and avoid potentially costly mistakes and miscommunication.

3. eDiscovery Platforms

Many advanced eDiscovery solutions today focus on collaboration as a method of improving material analysis and review. Tools such as ICONECT-XERA allow staff members to connect with each other throughout the eDiscovery process, to make the eDiscovery process both simpler and ultimately more accurate. By improving upon the eDiscovery process, a firm can improve upon the work load for each of their individual cases and safely increase the case load for their team members without a reduction in quality standards.

The process of eDiscovery is naturally one of the most time-consuming processes for many firms, and it can be prohibitively time-consuming for smaller firms. Through better collaboration and assistive technology, eDiscovery platforms can put small firm on a competitive level with larger organizations — they just need the right technology.

Collaboration is necessary for any legal firm looking to improve upon their operations — and technology can be a significant help in stretching your employee resources. Through technology, you can make better use of the employee hours that you do have, thereby providing better service to your clientele and achieving better legal outcomes overall. Contact Platinum IDS today to learn more about how technology can be used to improve upon your organization’s collaboration and eDiscovery processes.

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