Forensic Collection:

It’s not Rocket Science Anymore.

We had such an incredible response from our last campaign around some modern forensic collection techniques that we decided to whip up an easy understand overview of four of the most useful forensic collection methodologies with our clients and friends. We hope you enjoy it! Take a look and we hope you let us know what you think!

Today, there’s really no reason every case shouldn’t be approached with forensic collection at the top of the list. Defensibility, Accuracy and Laser Focus should be the goal and ultimately, the deliverable from any forensic collection initiative. Thats right, not only does forensically sound collection avoid awkward conversations with your opposing counsel, a special master or the judge, it increases the quality of your discovery by presenting key insights into the scope and business behaviors of your client’s intellectual property and work product.

Check out our newest content offering, with ‘Forensic Collection: It’s Not Rocket Science‘, a high level overview of strategic and tactical benefits brought to light by these modern forensic collection innovations. Want more? Check out our blog post entitled ‘Five Common Myths about Forensic Collection in Litigation‘.

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