Journalists arrested on terrorism charges in Turkey for using crypto software

Part of much wider trend to demonize encryption, perhaps with a view to banning it?

We’ve seen alot of attacks on Crypto this year. From US senators, famous actors and even ISIS. Wait.. You mean the guys that decapitated James Foley a while back? Yeah, those guys. I suppose we shouldnt be surprised that a ‘sophisticated’ terrorist organization is afraid of anything that can be kept secret at any significant level.

Maybe ISIS is taking it’s cues from our own FBI? See ‘Apple Defies FBI and Offers Encryption by Default on it’s new OS‘ or even the local Police? See ‘Apple’s iPhone Encryption is a Godsend, Even if the Cops Hate It‘. Bottom line, three Journalists have been arrested by ISIS in Turkey for using Encryption Software. The charge? Terrorism. Punishable by Death, but what isn’t with these guys?

Three journalists with Vice were charged because one of them used an unidentified encryption software. We dont know if it’s PGP Email or TOR (which has been used extensively in the deep web by ISIS members). All we know is that people’s lives are at stake and encryption was the catalyst.

Maybe we can all learn something from this-  Lest we soon forget and treat our own people this way.

At Platinum, we utilize strong encryption every day. It’s great that so many organizations have adopted encryption so widely. eDiscovery and Litigation professionals everywhere have benefited tremendously from the widespread adoption of publically available encryption.


From the article at Ars Technica

As Ars has reported, this demonisation of crypto is not confined to foreign lands. The UK prime minister, David Cameron, has said he does not intend to “leave a safe space—a new means of communication—for terrorists to communicate with each other,” whatever that means in practice. Similarly, law enforcement officials on both sides of the Atlantic have warned of things “going dark” because of the growing use of encryption by criminals. The latest move by the Turkish authorities is simply one more attempt to paint crypto as inherently suspicious, perhaps with a view to making its use explicitly illegal at some point.

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