Xera Search & Review Walkthrough

We make search and review look easy: because it is.

Gotcha. The Smoking Gun. No matter how you refer to it, searching for – and, more importantly, finding that crucial “ah ha” document in a sea of electronic data is critical to conducting effective legal reviews.

As electronic documents continue to dwarf paper documents and assume growing importance as a component of many legal proceedings, firms are searching for new and effective ways to tackle the cumbersome tasks associated with document review.

We are all well aware of the human resources and man-hours required to sift through thousands or even millions of emails, spreadsheets, contracts and correspondence. In many instances, present legal review search technology provides limited tools that overburden the reviewer or force a highly complex process where it’s just not necessary.

Enter Xera, the platform that works like you think. Check out this 1 minute video from LitSupport.org where James Hassin walks us through the simplicity of search and review in this modern, streamlined review platform.

Or, check out the original article at LitSupport.org.

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