Ready to get started with Xera?

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In this video, James Hassin gives a short but valuable overview of the Xera platform. It’s our hope that new users, or users returning to Xera can use this to help get started.

Whats’s Xera? It’s is an intuitive, multi-browser, hosted eDiscovery review platform that provides legal professionals with unprecedented control and cost savings over the entire eDiscovery review process.

Xera works the way you think, with knowledge-guiding technology with the power of full integration, it empowers legal teams to maximize productivity through its easy to navigate interface, enhanced social collaboration and remote accessibility. Xera’s unique future-proof feature set gives firms strong reasons to adopt iCONECT technology versus selecting legacy eDiscovery review tools.

Keep in mind that we always provide free training, but it’s always subject to schedule availability. The knowledge base at is a pretty useful companion in a pinch. Bookmark it and use it!

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