Xera Walkthrough

Bulk Tagging and Foldering in Xera is remarkably easy.

The good people at #LitSupport.org have released a new walkthrough for Xera showcasing the simplicity and excellent design of the platform. The demonstration is focused this time on bulk tagging and foldering in Xera by iConect.

Xera’s graceful style┬áis baked into every consistent feature in the platform. It really makes everything look easy, because it is.

The folder tools arent just ridiculously simple to use, they’re quick and really powerful. For example, users can create a statistical sample of data at any point in your review workflow. Sampling can be used to gain a general understanding of the data, to judge the number of responsive documents within a folder, or to perform a quality check on the identification of privileged documents, or even to determine how often a search term produces relevant results.

Take a moment to check out the article below. We hope to see more killer content like this from the LitSupport.org community.

View the article here:

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