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As part of our mission to bring easy to use, well supported technologies to our users, We’re offering a limited time, no cost pilot of Xera’s Predictive Review for select clients to sample the power of predictive within thier own database. Click here to sign up for the pilot!

Xera’s Predictive Review does not require attorneys to seed documents at the beginning of the process, making it perhaps the first next-generation technology-assisted review tool. It also leverages powerful machine-learning technology with flexible workflows to dramatically reduce time and cost associated with legal discovery and the review process. Simultaneously robust and simple, Xera’s Predictive Review is specifically built for both the experienced and novice user.

We understand that many find predictive coding to be intimidating and we have focused on making it simple for the novice user, for example, we have built a graphical interface to show how reviewers engage with documents. While Xera’s Predictive Review also supports many predictive coding workflows, the technology includes a simple, default workflow that can be followed by inexperienced users—and adapted for more seasoned ones.

The following features are specifically designed for novice users:

  • Soft Checks to show the attorney how the system would tag the document based on reviewed documents
  • Confidence Bars that display the system’s confidence in a Soft Check
  • Wizards that prevent project managers from accidentally skipping a vital step
  • Smart Samples to ensure that all concepts are included in initial batches
  • Intuitive batching and productivity metrics
  • Easy assessment of current status of coding and user metrics with built-in iVIEW Data Visualizer

Xera’s Predictive Review also works seamlessly with XMPLAR®, which brings predictive review to new heights by delivering the ability to create a customized “perfect document” to act as a seed. XMPLAR helps users to build a seed document that includes only information that is pertinent to the matter, resulting in fewer false positives and more specific search results.

At the same time, Xera Predictive Review is robust and flexible enough to work for even the most experienced user with the most complicated process. The product supports many workflows, including traditional seeding or continuous learning process, multiple-issue coding with a single pass, and more. By providing powerful technology that supports a variety of workflows, Xera’s Predictive Review is a great choice for users with already-existing processes, no matter how complex.

The following features are specifically designed for advanced users:

  • Supports multiple language documents as well as multiple languages on the interface
  • Robust metrics analysis tools
  • Support for both “Seeding” and “Continuous Learning” predictive review methodologies as well as a hybrid of both
  • Support for multiple-issue coding with a single pass (e.g. simultaneous responsiveness and issue coding)

Some of our competitors seem to feel that it takes a Ph.D. to achieve the time and cost savings available from technology-assisted review. We reject that wholeheartedly and have worked hard to build a product that allows both novice and experienced users to achieve full benefit. We believe in analytics for everyone.

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