Garbage In = Garbage Out.

Tim Corcoran writes a great blog post today about big data – defining it, how it pertains to corporate law departments differently than law firms and yadda yadda. It’s a good post, please read it all. But I want to zero in on a subsection of his post – almost to the end. Tim says,

“This is a real challenge for any business, but moreso for law firms which have long eschewed rigorous data management policies in favor of making life easier on partners who want to quickly open up new matters to begin billing. Because of these complexities, many law firm leaders are convinced big data is heart a technology challenge. They’re wrong.”

Not only are they wrong, they are dead wrong. There is no magic tech here. GIGO is a fundamental law of the universe. Without “rigorous data management policies” your bigdata project will be a complete and total failure. It will die. Convenience and bigdata do not mix. Read more at Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog. Then print it to PDF and use the electronic highlighter to emphasize that section and email it to your partners.: Big Data: Big Deal or Big Win?

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