Take a pilot with Predictive Review

Learn Predictive Analytics with no risk to your bottom line.

Computer Assisted Review isn’t just for eggheads anymore.

Generally speaking, legal professionals usually need to bite the bullet and sample new, bleeding edge technologies funded by their client to get any experience with new concepts like Technology Asssisted Review (TAR). Those first-responders are generally met with a highly complex and sometimes raw solution that really isn’t ready for public consumption.

Luckily, you don’t need to walk through that with Xera. It’s extraordinarily easy to use and completely integrated into the platform.

Take a no-risk 30 day pilot to learn with the finest Predictive Review platform in the world.

Xera’s Predictive Review platform offers an extremely flexible workflow which allows users to use the technology in ways that suite them. Predictive can utlize existing tags to learn and make suggestions, or seed data can be built through a highly effective ‘Smart Sampling’ process which effectively finds documents that cover every concept in the data collection.

Tips to remember:

  • Predictive Technology can be applied to your existing database, taking full advantage of your existing work product.
  • Predictive Technology is accepted by both federal and state courts and even endorsed by the ABA.
  • It’s not bleeding edge anymore, it’s mainstream. With the popularity of the technology, you’ll likely work on a Predictive project in the coming months. Utilize this pilot program to get ahead of the curve and your peers.